Make today and everyday a "Lovely Day"!

Take the time to enjoy this lovely day!!! 

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Shortening some things up!

Trying something new with these shorter posts! 

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Preguntas 001 - We answer your questions about happiness and the journey

Here is our first segment of #preguntas which means questions in Spanish.  We have been receiving your questions and every Wednesday we will be answering YOUR questions

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Millennials LOVE #thirstythursdays! By Stephen Black

We all want to better our lives, but need the ingredients to do so. You have to be driven, you have to have the passion and you have to experience both the ups and the downs. Those who truly want to better their lives already have these ingredients in them. With these ingredients, all you need is the opportunity to run with them and goals to achieve.

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Motivation…Or Lack There Of - By Todd Wolfson

Play Hard! Run! Dive on the floor! Hustle! Take a charge!

Show up at 6:00am, practice, lifting, training, study hall, team meal, film, practice, rehab, sleep, repeat.

Fall ball, spring league, summer games, AAU, trainer work, dribbling coach, shooting coach, strength and conditioning.

Are we doing too much? Are our players tired?

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