True relationships need...

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The illusion that everything will just turn out magically without having to communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs in a relationship is an immaturity that will make true connection impossible.

We are all looking for true connection and great relationships... we openly tell others what we want and hope for yet for some reason our words do not match our actions...

Why do we make what could be something amazing so difficult? Is it fear? Do we get too comfortable? Do we believe that silence is so much better than talking truths

Communication is key to everything in our life! Building a strong foundation everyday must be a priority, a craft that you are constantly looking to sharpen.

True relationships are strengthened thru communication, trust and work!

Take the time today to choose to communicate better with your partner, friends, employees, players, co-workers and more... By exercising your communication muscle you will be putting others first which is an important part of building trust!

Love you guys!

Hernando PlanellsComment