Perfect moments are all around you!

"Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect."

Woke up very early this morning and for once I sat still - didnt move a muscle - I wanted to feel and understand the moment.  

I used to spend most of my days trying to find perfect moments - finding the right time to do this or that... But each day I come up empty in my search... it was rather frustrating!  As I look back on it now the perfect moments were all around me! 

Every breath, experience, feeling and action are being done in perfect moments.  Many of us are waiting for the perfect time to start a business, make a career change or find the person to spend the rest of our lives with!  Why do we wait?

Fear, the unknown and confidence all hold us back - we believe that the perfect moment is when the fear magically disappears, that we know what will come next and that our confidence is back!  What if all those negative feelings were put there for you to push forward, to take action and responsibility for your own greatness!

I know what your saying - Coach, how are those things suppose to motivate me?  The answer is quite simple - as humans we WANT to be challenged, we WANT to come out on top and prove to ourselves that we can accomplish so much.  We grew up wanting more - wanting to follow our dreams and successes - along the way we lost that - maybe it was something in our childhood, maybe a heartbreak or a bankruptcy...  When this happens we stop living, we stop taking steps forward...  instead we end up giving people advice on how they should move forward and be better - basically passing it to someone else!

Take the time today to look at the moments all around you and how special they are!  There are even moments within moments that are amazing.  Take one step today that will help get you to the place you would like to be - yes its scary and unknown but so so worth it!


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