Wanting to take action? These 3 ways may help!

3 ways to take action

I spend a good amount of time on my videos and blogs posts encouraging you to take action.  That you have control of your life and that what happens to you is a product of what you have taken steps toward.

But taking action is so much harder than how I make it sound!  I spent years of my life sitting back just waiting... the thing is - I don't know what I was waiting for.  Maybe I thought things would magically appear.  My father used to tell me in his booming voice "Mijo, you must help yourself before anyone will help you".  I didn't take that advice seriously at the time but looking back - those simple words are so true...

A few years ago I would preach about taking action and quite honestly my action-taking was moving in a direction... But it wasn't enough - I hadn't enlarged my vision enough to truly take the steps I needed to.

So one day I sat down, wrote my action steps and was on my way... but before we get to that list I want to share with you the 3 ways I practice daily to take action... Action-taking is a skill that can be improved over time... so don't stop!

1 - Live in the present but see the future - Evaluate right now where you are in your life... embrace it no matter how scary that is!  Once you see the now for what it is you can then move forward confidently and start peeking into what you want your future to look like.  Too many times we are worried about the past and how it affects us - but refocusing your energies to the present by breathing, being still and relaxing will be an absolutely game-changer for you.

2 - Make a Choice - For many of us that sounds simple but you cant imagine how many people won't make the choice.  Too many of us venture into the world of "what ifs" - what if this happens or that happens...  You would be amazing of how powerful you will feel when you make a choice.  That confidence that comes with choosing cannot be broken it can only be strengthened.  Plus the more you practice choosing the better you will get - don't forget its a skill!

3 - Energy and Enthusiasm - Nothing bad comes from either of these emotions... but you also need them as you make important choices in your life.  Making choices and having fear behind it is not a good thing... Even if you're not 100% sure on a decision - that energy and enthusiasm you have will help you along the way!

These 3 points are just a small part of the action-taking process but practice IG these will help you move forward.  Do not be afraid of mistakes - they are a part of life - be excited for new possibilities that will only make you better!

I believe in you and the #tribe believes in you - you were put on this earth to do some amazing things... but you cant accomplish them unless you choose to do so!

Be Great, Be a Light and Be Contagious!

 Coach Hernando Planells is a college basketball coach, leadership consultant and speaker helping others motivate and be inspired!  Coach H has worked with actors, athletes and businesses, helping them build a "tribe", motivating them to always be contagious!

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