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It bothered me more than I thought... #alwaysdad

As a coach  I've never really pressured my kids into playing basketball… I always wanted them to forge their own way and be their own person. Duke is my first women's coaching job and before that I coached men for over 10 years. Preston always played basketball and for a time he played in different leagues before fully committing himself to swimming. But my daughter Gabby didn't really like basketball... She always wanted to do different things. 

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My journey... By John Marcum - #alwaysdad

I have spent two decades being a surrogate father to players and helping them In a holistic sense along the way. Many have had wounds from their family situation and need healing and guidance. Throughout the years, the idea of being a good father has came to the forefront of my priorities. It has replaced the hunt for money, wins, extensions, and the next best job. Being a dad that I can be proud of is basically the only thing I want to get right on my time here on earth. However, the demands on my time, schedule and geography constantly pull me away from my one true priority.

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trying to be a dad better than its ever been done before - #alwaysdad

We're starting something very exciting here at ABC - in the last few months we have been receiving emails from male coaches from all around the country wanting to talk about the struggles and joys of being a dad in coaching.  It is a topic that is very dear to my heart because I am a dad of two amazing children - Preston who is 15 and my daughter Gabby is 12.

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