I missed my kids first day of school...

For many of us this past Monday was the first day of school. I woke up this morning and was making some sandwiches and I realized one of things I miss most was actually making lunch for my kids every morning. It's funny when I was actually making lunch for them I dreaded it and now it's one of things I miss the most!  Lol! 

As a parent the first day of school means so much, it's the beginning of a new year, it means standing in the long lines of Target buying school supplies, but most of all it's a reminder that our kids are growing up!  I know when we think long and hard and it can make us a little sad but these are opportunities that we celebrate and are able to see our work at its best.

I had a chance to speak with another coach who is the father of two beautiful kids and he was so nervous... its his first year at his new school and it has been a tough transition for the whole family.  He was concerned just like any parent that his kids would have a hard time adjusting - they had built a beautiful life at their previous spot and he carried the guilt of feeling he had ripped that away from them.  We talked about the power of perception and how it can be an obstacle if we allow it.  Through our perception of events, we in many ways create and destroy every one of our obstacles.  Good and bad only happens with perception - there is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.  

I shared with him that he must trust how he and his wife have raised their kids.  I reminded him that I have seen them interact and that their level of maturity and understanding is much higher than we think.  "See things for what they are" - your kids are going to be GREAT!

It's never easy letting your kids go whether they live with you or 3000 miles away. Trust in your parenting and how you raise them and watch them flourish in more ways than you ever imagined.  I may have missed my kids first day of school but I believe in them and know that they just like all of your kids will have a great first day of school! #alwaysdad