40 is the new 20...

I was speaking to a great group of millennial's a few weeks back and I told them that in a month I'm about to turn 40 which is suppose to be a major milestone… The one response that really stood out was someone told me that 40 is the new 20! So in honor of that I will be listing the 20 things I've learned/wished I did in 40 years... In chronological order!

Birth to ten years old

1.  My time in the stroller - should have enjoyed it more instead of trying to walk everywhere

2.  My younger sister was always my ally and not my enemy

3.  I learned that getting spanked sucks...

4.  That love is an amazing feeling that sees no boundaries

5.  I really thought I was a fast runner.... (so disappointing that wast the case)

11-20 years old

6.  I should've learned how to breakdance

7.  That my parents were there to guide me and not control me

8.  Popularity is short lived and taking action is the priority

9.  Save every penny you can...

10. Should have worked on being a karaoke superstar

21-30 years old

11. I wish I enjoyed my kids as babies more

12. Stay calm not everything is life and death!

13. Enjoy the ride - no need to hustle around chasing things when what you're doing currently isn't even over!

14. Don't worry about going bald!

15. Spend more time with your loved ones.

31-40 years old

16. You got to this place because of everything you did and didn't do

17. Standing up for yourself, making a decision and taking action wont make sense to others but believing in yourself will pay off

18. Understand your surroundings and audience, have standards stick to them and see what happens

19. There is no wrong or right decision... There is just a decision... Whatever path you chose there will be ups and downs but ultimately YOU create the possibilities!

20. Be grateful - it is a privilege to wake up every morning - focus less on yourself and what you are doing to the person next to you!


21.That everything will always be ok

We all have great stories and lessons we have learned... never be ashamed of them!  They have shaped, strengthened and sharpened us!!!

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