Anatomy of a Teammate

A few weeks back I was fortunate enough to speak at the Truman State University basketball clinic.  It was a great event with some truly authentic people!  Truman's Head Women's Basketball Coach Amy Eagan spoke on "Winning Through Character" and showed us a great snippet from the elimination game where University of Alabama softball team was playing Arizona State.  The video below is called "Anatomy of a Teammate" where you see Alabama's head coach substitute a pinch hitter for their star softball player.  Everyone was questioning the move including the announcer as you will hear.  Watch the video and if you can just imagine how you would feel if the coach took you out and how you would react to the decision.  You will be amazed how the team and the star player reacts and becomes the ultimate teammate!  This 7 minute video is definitely worth it!  #AlwaysBeContagious

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