Point Guard/Glazier Coaching Clinic - a cant miss event... ever!

PGC College has been a staple in the basketball world for years but I honestly have never known too much about them.  I had heard great things but never thought about exploring it further.  We had a break in our recruiting schedule and was looking to speak at a few more clinics this fall and I reached out to them.  I was surprised when a few days later Sam Allen gave me a call inviting me to speak at their Atlanta event.  I flew to the ATL not knowing what I was in store for... and when I left I was absolutely floored by the content, the organization and culture that was taught at the clinic.  PGC/Glazier clinics are unique because there are usually 2-4 topics going on at the same time.  This allows coaching staffs to really cover a variety of topics that will help their program get to the next level.  A few weeks after Atlanta I spoke at their Los Angeles event and again was blown away with the attendance and attention to detail.  This was more than just basketball - this clinic was about building coaches up and giving us the tools to get ready for the season.   Some of the topics covered were on "culture" by Mano Watsa, "balancing a family" and "team culture" by TJ Rosene , to thought provoking talks by Lin Dunn, Matt Doherty, Tyler Coston, Alan Stein, Sam Allen , Mike Neighbors, Jim Harrick and more!  

If you would like receive some nuggets I took down from the PGC/Glazier clinics in Atlanta and LA and get a copy of my presentations on "Match-Up Zones" and "Building a Championship Culture" contact us here - Enjoy!