Build strong relationships with the best teammate... your partner!

Heres the situation... You are a coach, you spend so much time away from home and your partner is on your ass about everything - from the trash, to the lack of time... you probably hear things such as "I didn't marry to be a single parent" or "you don't care enough to spend time with me/us..." it happens all over the country and you are not alone!

Im pretty sure every-time your partner says something like this you respond in your head with a few choice words of your own.  But before you get upset and start feeling you are going thru life alone think about this...  

You make a commitment to your team and program everyday and honestly we expect our partner to just accept and be ok with everything.  We forget that they have feelings too... Here are a few things to think about that I hope can help as you work with your partner to become the power couple you were meant to be!


YES! You are passionate for your program... and guess what?  your partner is passionate about her program too - that program includes you, the kids and everything about life! Just like its worth it to you - its also worth it to your partner!  Teach each other to be passionate for each other and your interests.


In order to have a winning program your commitment as a coach has to be sky high!  In order to have a winning relationship your commitment must be sky high as well!  Our job is stressful -  as coaches we spend so much time with our players and administration that there is little time left for our families.  We want all our partners to understand the job and what it takes but it is also important to understand the time, patience, drive and determination it takes from your partner to keep the family moving forward!  

Sit down with your partner and take the time to plan... plan everything if you can - envision what you would like the relationship and the team  to look like - together amazing things can be accomplished!


If your partner is still around :) - it could mean that they're supportive of what you are trying to accomplish... Be sure that you too are supportive of your partners needs and dreams.  That doesn't mean you put your program and schedule on the back burner - its about working together to make things work.  As a coach we have so many extreme highs and lows - our partner is there to lift us up... But they too need a "lifter-upper" - be the champion you demand from your players - but be the champion supporter for your partner!  


As coaches we come home from a long day and we want to relax and unwind - regardless of what you think our partners understand that BUT next time you come home and are ridiculously tired - talk to your partner and listen to what went on with their day. When i say listen I mean put the phone down, shut everyone out - look into their eyes and really listen to their day.  Making your partner feel that they are the only person in the room (just like we do with our players) will go a long, long way!

I hope these points help you in this amazing journey called life!  Its not easy and trust me I struggle with this daily.  There more times then Id like to admit that I have failed at this.  Its easy to get into our own little coaching world, zone in and build a championship program but we have to remember that we have a amazing partners who are willing to be with us every step of the way as long as we let them!

We really are in this together and if you're struggling in your relationship email me here - you may feel like you are alone in this BUT you are not! 

As always thank you for reading all our posts — I truly believe we are all in this together — PLEASE feel free to reach out anytime — parenting and relationships aren't the easiest things in the world and I am here to support, be a sounding board and anything that can help you! #alwaysdad

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