What happens to you when you watch your kids do something they truly love doing - #alwaysdad

Being a coach I love watching my daughter play basketball - love seeing her compete, play hard and feel the same sense of team that I did growing up.  

There is something wrong with that statement... Ill talk about it more a little later.

Gabby spent the week at the Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts in their summer theatre intensive. During the week they sung, danced, learned creative improv and build relationships that will be for a lifetime.  She gets to create her own memories and feelings.  At the end of the week they put together a performance that had all their skills and talents on display - and it was quite the performance.  I saw a spark... a light that I didnt see before - or the reality is I really didnt pay attention to.


Watching her perform, singing with confidence and interacting with her new-found friends opened my eyes to what she truly is passionate about... and I want to support that in any way I can!

As a parent we say we want to support our kids - but many of us fall into the trap of pushing them in a direction WE want them to go - thats not wrong in any way - Gabby liked basketball but I dont see the same light and enjoyment that I see when she is singing around the house, or outside or do random strangers

I encourage you to look, listen and feel what your kids are saying to you - its a awesome feeling when your very own scores a basket, a touchdown or a hole in one - but take some time to look in their eyes and see what really brightens them up!


As always thank you for reading all our posts -  I truly believe we are all in this together - PLEASE feel free to reach out anytime - parenting isnt the easiest thing in the world and I am here to support, be a sounding board and anything that can help you!   #alwaysdad